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Windows on Android Smartphones? It can be a reality!

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According to Bloomberg Official Website, it is cited a rumour where Microsoft is holding talks with HTC to allow Windows OS to load on HTC’s Android based SmartPhones. Eventually, they say, this will be done at a little expense from the users. Having Windows on Android SmartPhones is not a new story: Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s OS Head, had already asked in September to the HTC executives to load Windows Phone as a secundary option on devices running Android.

Terry Myerson Microsoft OS

Windows on Android Smartphones will be Free

New uncited rumours reveal that there have been more talks between the 2 giants where the fee to load Windows on Android based phones is going to be cut to zero. But, these are just talks: rumours of talks. There is no contract or agreement.

Has this Deal legs to go forward?

This deal goes directly into Microsoft’s need to increase their low market share in the Smartphones area – that is right now below 4% in the Windows Phone and comes after the deal of the year on acquiring Nokia mobile phone unit.

Most likely, if Microsoft can pay a very nice royalty to HTC, the deal will succeed, unless Google has a binding vote in the matter.

Additionally, there is no advantage for the end user of having a platform with very little number of applications and features when compared to the Android OS, unless there’s a new Windows Phone OS coming into the market.

Running Windows on Android SmartPhones

Windows on Android Smartphones will increase user’s utility

It is an economic rule that if we have more choices our utility increases, therefore we would be more than happy to see more than 1 OS in a Smartphone as long as they are fully compatible with the device with a close level of user experience.

Source: Bloomberg

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By , Financial Director and Correspondent on Oct 4th, 2013 GMT +2


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