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Verizon Motorola Droid X Review

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The Droid X received the Google Android 2.2 Froyo update a little over a week ago. This update brought a lot of new features, such as Flash 10.1 for the web browser, and minor changes to the user interface.

Droid X Google Android

As we mentioned earlier, the Droid X has this sense of being “raw” and “tough”. All metallic wallpapers, icons, and menus give this impression to the user. This thematic can be removed by changing the wallpaper and so forth, but there are traces that can’t be changed. If you are not the kind of person that likes all the Droid graphics and general brand philosophy, the Droid X might not be the phone for you. But moving away from the fact that the brand flows through the phone, there are other software problems that can damage the experience of using it.

The widgets that Motorola has placed in the Droid X are not really well designed. And contradictorily, these widgets don’t blend well with the Droid thematic. These have little annoyances such as showing pixelated pictures pulled from Facebook or the phonebook. They are also really basic and lack functionality. Take as an example the RSS reader widget: it just pulls an image and the text from an article and throws them without organization on the widget.

Verizon Motorola Droid X

We also find annoying how the homescreen works. There are seven homescreens, and you are stuck with them. There is no way to edit them, and we are sure most users won’t use all seven of them. Also, when sliding through the homescreens, the menu button hides itself,  if you want to access the menu after scrolling through the homscreens, you have to wait two seconds for it to reappear, and the same for the Call and contacts buttons for that matter.

The Droid X is an Android smartphone. This means that you still can find all the quality apps and services that characterize Android, even though Motorola and Verizon put some customization over it. For example, Verizon has installed its Navigator on the Droid X, but you can use Google Navigation for free. The App Market on the phone is one of its strong points, there are thousands of apps you can download, and the screen size does come into play with all these apps. With such a huge surface area, playing games and using apps can be more enjoyable than in smaller screens. The Droid X is also a great device to use in landscape mode.

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