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Verizon LG G2 Receives Android 4.4 KitKat Update

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BASKING RIDGE, USA – After T-Mobile and Sprint, Verizon is now offering the Android 4.4 KitKat update for its LG G2.

LG G2 Android Kitkat 4.4

The update is not yet available through OTA, and users might not get a notification unless they plug-in their LG G2 to their PCs.

Users can get the update through the Verizon Software Upgrade Assistant that is available on Windows. Hence as said, it would be necessary for users to connect your handset to a Windows PC. On the contrary, users can also get it through the Verizon/LG drive by locating the file SWUpgradeLauncher. On launching this, the handset will get upgraded to the KitKat version of Android.

The LG G2 Kitkat update comes in at 2GB and hence that might be one of the reasons it is not available OTA. Verizon may bring it out some time soon in near future.

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By , International Correspondent - Vadodara (India) office on Apr 24th, 2014 GMT +2


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