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Supertooth Disco Review – Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

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Supertooth Disco Bluetooth speakerLISBON, Portugal – In the last couple of days I’ve been testing the Supertooth Disco on almost all of my mobile phones. The Supertooth Disco is a multimedia speaker that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone wirelessly.

When connected, you can stream music from the phone to the Supertooth Disco speaker. But the accessory goes even further, by allowing you to connect it to your MP3 player for example and stream music from there, but, of course, this is not wireless because most MP3 players don’t have Bluetooth.

Supertooth is an HandsFree and Accessories producer, with offices in France and factories in Philippines, with more than 1000 employees. The company has nice fundamentals reaching a US$49 million turnover in 2009 and selling more than 5 million units since the brand was created in 2004. It focuses more on developing handsfree kits such as the just released Supertooth Buddy but also on music devices like the one we are reviewing on this article and which Supertooth gently sent us for review.

How Supertooth Disco works

In my test, I used mostly the iPhone 3GS to stream music. After charging the Disco device for about 1.5 hours it got full charged and then I connected it to the iPhone 3GS. It’s very easy:

1) Press the “On/Off button for 5 seconds;

2) On the iPhone, we have to go to Definitions/General;

supertooth iphone3

2) Then, we click on Bluetooth;

supertooth iphone2

3) We select the device “ST DISCO R58”;

supertooth bluetooth password

4) And voila, it gets connected.

supertooth iphone

Now you just have to run iTunes and you can control everything from your iPhone or if you want from the Supertooth Disco device itself. But, imagine you have a radio app on the iPhone; you won’t be able to stream the radio music on the Supertooth Disco via Bluetooth. But don’t cry, it happens because perhaps you would be making two wireless connections (the internet one and the Bluetooth one) and most probably the iPhone doesn’t support that. As I said, don’t cry, because you can connect the iPhone to the Disco with the cable you have on the package, and this way you can hear on the Supertooth Disco what comes from the radio application. UPDATE: We tested just only one radio application (a portuguese radio application for iPhone) but it gets very cool to play Audi RS 3 on the iPhone having the Supertooth Disco as output for sound.

Supertooth Disco sound quality

The first thing I have noticed is that the sound quality is the same if you are full or middle battery(UPDATE: when the battery is nearly at the end the sond quality diminishes a lot). This device is powered by 28 watts audio RMS power: it has an internal subwoofer amplifier with 12 watts RMS real power and an internal audio power amplifier with 2×8 watts RMS real power making the total of 28. With this machine you can experience the best sound quality with a very powerful bass (comparing to the dimensions of the equipment). You can push the volume to half of its maximum (which is very loud) and the sound quality remains excellent: This is not just a sound amplifier.

Supertooth Disco Design & Supportsupertooth disco dimensions

The Supertooth Disco has a very clean aspect, indeed it’s just like an apparatus column with 5 simple buttons. In terms of dimensions, it’s the double of the palm of my hand. In terms of weight, it’s not that light, but it’s not heavy at the same time, weighting 1140 grams. You can place it horizontally or vertically fitting very well whichever the place you want to put the device. Besides its aspect, we must see that the device comes with a case that allows a perfect transportation, because this device is mainly to be used on places you can’t get an apparatus – I can imagine myself in the middle of the desert with just an iPhone and the Supertooth Disco (and a bottle of water of course)!

supertooth disco case

Supertooth Disco Battery Life

I have heard more than 10 hours of music and Supertooth Disco continues giving me more and more music. Well, It wouldn’t be fair to review this device only when the battery goes down, it’s more fair to congratulate the team who made it because giving 10 hours of music with no cables, with a very nice sound quality, charging it only 1.5 hours and allowing it to be connected to iPhone smartphones, iPod players, computers, other Bluetooth mobile phones and even tablets.

Supertooth Disco Price

The accessory is priced between $100-140 on several popular websites. You can grab it safely from Amazon for 132.57$ with free shipping or via MobileFun at 84.22£.

Supertooth Disco Verdict

The speaker is a buy for sure. The main cons I can see is the price and the weight. I think the company should work more on making this wonderful device lighter not only in weight but in price and I believe that it’s what the company is working for. An input for a MP3 USB flash drive would also be great, allowing us to reproduce the music directly from the pen. Thus the rating is a 9/10 from my side (comparing with other accessories in the market, Supertooth RULES).

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