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Super Bowl Android, iOS, Windows Phone Apps Reviewed

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Super Bowl official NFL appSAN DIEGO, USA – With the upcoming Super Bowl tonight, there are many hot apps that are available for Android and iOS to cover this historic event.

The 3G provider Cricket has lined up several must have free apps, that are supported by its selection of smartphones and tablets. On sports is a socializing app from Hitpost, which allows connections with fans at the Game day.

ESPN Score Center (also on iOS and Windows Phone) gains you easy access to all the teams and games data. NFL Pro 2012 gives you the chance to manage your own teams and try to win the Super Bowl for yourself.

Cricket has offered also a champion line up of Android devices, which includes ZTE Score, Huawei Ascend II, Samsung Vitality, Huawei Mercury and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Other interesting applications for Android and iOS are the Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative app and the Super Bowl XLVI Guide with its detailed info about the stadium, the area and everything connected to the game. There are also the apps of the New York Giants and the Patriots which include tons of data, videos and pictures of players and cheerleaders. More on the fun side are Super Bowl Commercial for iOS and the richer Funny Commercials for Android.

Live video coverage of the Super Bowl will be available on Verizon’s 3G network.

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By , International Correspondent, Rethymno (Greece) office

Published on Feb 5th, 2012 GMT +2


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