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Spike Lee’s and users’ ultimate creation goes live!

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After several months of waiting for the Nokia Productions movie, it was finally launched today in LA. Spike Lee was the producer and the users were the stars of the film.

When the curtains opened, a short video about what people thought appeared, according to them, user generated content is very popular. In my opinion user generated content is a good thing because it let’s the user be part of the show, in this case a Hollywood première.

The next stage in the event is the film itself, I will not say a word about it since I don’t want to ruin the film, so I recommend you go ahead and see it for yourself.

Nokia said that the film was made to ”Connect people”, which is Nokia’s slogan, millions of videos, pictures and SMS were sent to create this film that was meant to unite and connect people around the world, the film  focuses on love, friendship and human feelings, as Nokia is ”Very Human Technology” according to the company itself.

The event continued and the next stage was two commercial ads of the two Nokia phones 5610 and 5310 that were featured this event.

The event was a success, many people saw the film, some called it inspiring while others called it very human.

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By , International Correspondent on Oct 15th, 2008 GMT +2


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