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How to Set Full HD Video Live Wallpapers on Android

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Android L is scheduled to release very soon as a way to make Android a multi-platform OS: wearables, TV’s and smartphones. A big change for people who like to have Live Wallpapers in their phones is the existence of higher resolution devices now (TVs of course but also phones and tablets like the Galaxy Tab S 10.5).

So far most Live Wallpaper apps only have videos that were recorded with HD Cameras, but we were able to find an app that records them in 4K and then lets Android compress it in the best way. It is the Full HD Live Video Wallpaper app and it is Free on Android.

From the Creators of ScreensPRO Website

This app was also crafted by the same developers of the website and the developers who created this app we covered over here. With the Full HD app you can now know the videos were recorded in 4K but so far and due to the constraints from the Android framework and battery it is not possible to enable them to be exposed in Full HD or 4K quality.


We have reached the developers about this issue and this is their prompt answer:

It is impossible right now to predict when we will release a version to allow Full HD or 4K resolution in the display settings, but we are working on that and eventually before the Spring of 2015 we will have it released.

How to Set the Full HD Live Wallpapers as… Wallpapers?

The same instructions given here apply for this app version. So simply head over this post and follow the instructions. It is simply installing and testing the wallpaper. If you like, apply it.

Featured Video Wallpapers in the App

Contrary to Version 1, we can see here several religious monuments like the Taj Mahal or the Kabbah in Makkah. Animals are still present in this app: tigers, squirrels, fishes or butterflies.






What users say about this?

Now this is a step up from the bestAwesome. Flat out awesome. Short videos in your gallery at your disposal. PLUS an obvious creative live video and wallpaper with gorgeous hand picked displayed LWP THAT FINALLY STOPS THINGS FROM GETTING BORING

Kori Schroeder

Lovely! Great app…live as can be and doesn’t drain battery. ..+1 from ???

Charles Nettles

Head Over to Play Store and test it.

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