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Shout’em Brings Private Social Networks to End-Users

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ZAGREB, Croatia- The emergence of social networking services over the last few years has literally changed the way people interact on-and-off the web. Popular networking services such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Linked-in are now multi-million dollar entities with billions of users spread across the globe. Though these networking services have made inroads into almost every conceivable demography, a growing concern among netizens has been the lack of privacy in these networking services.

Filling exactly this void is Croatia-based networking service Shout’em, which allows users to create customized social networks that are private, targeted to niche groups and location-based. The service integrates features from existing social networks but gives the users the freedom of customizing the control access and aesthetics of the service. The USP of the service is its sheer simplicity as it removes the shackles of coding and programming with an easy-to-use graphical user interface for creating a niche networking service. Further, with ready to use mobile applcations for iPhone and BlackBerry (Google Android version is due to be launched soon), the service is ready for usage on mobile platforms.

While most of the popular networking services today are open-to-everyone, Shout’em is designed to bring together niche groups, including friends, students or communities, or largerĀ  groups such as sports fans, clubs and eventsĀ  with both location-based and geographically-dispersed user groups. The new Shout’em platform is being used by popular social networks worldwide, including UK, Europe and WE Harlem, NFL Shouts and Ranch & Rodeo in the USA.

By offering a robust set of web-based tools with direct customer support to end-users, Shout’em has opened the gates to user groups to design their own private networks in a quick and easy manner. While popular services of Facebook, Twitter, and others have been thriving on APIs released to third-party developers, Shout’em gives end-users the full liberty of designing their own private networks. While the concept is no doubt innovative, how it fares in competition with networking giants such as Facebook and Twitter remains to be seen.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on Mar 10th, 2010 GMT +2


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