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Guide: How to Set Video Live Wallpapers on Android

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Android has a functionality that leaves many iOS users envious: it is the ability to have video animations on the phone’s background. In some, users can interact with the videos and make waves or water drops, and in other times users can just appreciate the artwork on them, without having an intrusive wallpaper, just like shown here on Youtube.

ScreensPRO image with the video wallpapers app

1 App = 100+ video live wallpapers

The issue with the video wallpapers was the absence of a comprehensive app that could offer a large gallery of designs so that users could change the homescreen from time to time without the need of downloading each wallpaper app at a time. But now there is one app capturing 100+ live wallpapers that includes waterfalls, beaches or just clouds. It is a free app, with no cost for the users and with just few ads when selecting the wallpaper, but it provides an impressive quality of the video recording.

The ScreensPRO team is the one behind this project and they have developed a new 3D version, a flags version one and a PRO version that has all the wallpapers without advertising from adMob. This in turn leaves one assured they will keep publishing live wallpapers, either in-app or with new niche apps.

How to install the app?

Firstly users must make sure they have Android 2.3 or higher. The app is compatible with most tablets and phones with this version. Nonetheless, it won’t work properly with Cyanogenmod or other custom ROMs.  Then, users must make sure they download the first version of the app. When one opens the app, they will find a screen like this:

First Screen of the app

To preview any of the wallpapers one should click on its own thumbnail so that a the preview is generated:

Download Screen for the Video Wallpaper app

As quick as the download finishes, users will have the opportunity to watch the scene in a preview screen. Users can then select “Apply” as Wallpaper or go back to settings to change some of the details:

Tree in the river Wallpaper

And after the user chooses their preferred wallpaper, this is the resulting effect it will have in your locked and home screen:

Lion Wallpaper in the Homescreen

Battery Consumption for Video Backgrounds

Batteries are getting better and better and if an old Samsung Galaxy S’s battery would quickly drain, then for a Galaxy Note 3 or a Nexus 5, the impact is much lower and the battery stays alive for a longer time. So users shouldn’t worry with these apps as the videos are also normally very short (not more than 10 seconds), have a small size adjusted to their screen dimension and they are very well looped so it seems like a continuous movement.

Overall all, one can say is that the artist who recorded these video live wallpapers  is really talented and did an impressive job, so it is worth giving 5 stars and a G+1 in the app.

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