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Samsung Watch-Phone and Omnia Giorgio Armani for the Millionaires

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Samsung Giorgio Armani Windows PhoneAMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – At the Millionaire Fair 2009 in The Netherlands, the Samsung S9110 Limited Edition watch-phone and the Samsung Omnia Giorgio Armani were unveiled.

Only 100 units of the Samsung S9110 would be available for sale at a price of EUR999 (US$1432). This price includes a Bluetooth headset, handmade watch box and the Samsung watch-phone, of which the specs are a 1.76″ touchscreen with a scratch-resistant glass, loudspeaker, music player, Bluetooth, voice recognition and e-mail (Outlook sync) support. In addition, the rest of the watch-phone’s materials are stainless steel metal body and leather wrist belt. The network bands supported are 900/1800MHz, while the internal memory is 40MB, everything powered by a 630mAh battery.

Apart from the Samsung S9110, Samsung also presented the Giorgio Armani smartphone available at a price of EUR549 (US$787). It features a 3.5″ AMOLED touchscreen, GPS, a 5 megapixel camera, 8GB internal memory, everything powered by Windows Mobile 6.5, making it a Windows Phone, along with Armani applications.

Samsung S9110 Watch Phone

[EUR1 = US$1.43384]

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