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Samsung Takes Aim at iPod with Galaxy Player

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Samsung Galaxy PlayerThe word iPod has nearly replaced the term MP3 player at this point. The iPod stands alone in the high end MP3 player market and has almost no real competition in the market at any price level.  Samsung looks to be trying to change that with an Android powered media player.

The new Samsung Galaxy Player 4″ and Galaxy Player 5″ look to take a bite out of Apple’s MP3 market. The new devices are powered by Froyo, or 2.2, and are said to be upgradable to Gingerbread, or 2.3. Neither device comes with Samsung’s signature AMOLED display, but are instead powered by a 4 inch Super Clear LCD or a 5 inch WVGA-TFT LCD screen. The devices look very similar to most Galaxy phones but cannot make standard calls.

Interestingly enough, the 4 inch version has the ability to make phone calls via Skype while the 5 inch does not have this feature listed. The players will use a Wi-Fi connection to download or stream media content. One major advantage these devices have over the IPod Touch is that they have removable microSD cards so the cards can be switched and a seemingly endless amount of media content can be kept on hand at all time. The devices themselves support microSD cards as large as 32GB.

Only time will tell if these devices can loosen Apple’s stranglehold on the MP3 market. The devices do not currently have a launch date or pricing information set.

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