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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs BlackBerry PlayBook

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BlackBerry Playbook vs Samsung Galaxy TabGLOBAL – Neither Samsung Galaxy Tab nor Blackberry Playbook are in huge numbers in the wild, how would one select the right device for their use and lifestyle? A short comparison of the important features; size, weight, operating system, processor, memory, and connectivity will help.


Samsung Galaxy Tab vs BlackBerry Playbook comparison

They have a lot in common, Integrated Social Networking, media friendly, reader applications, Adobe Flash Player compatibility, and open flexible platforms. Social networking on both devices is integrated into the operating system. Both devices are media friendly from music and sound files through HD video. The PlayBook can output HD 1080p, but it isn’t full HD on its own screen, it is capable of recording HD video. The Galaxy is Amazon Kindle friendly, the PlayBook has Adobe Reader.

BlackBerry Playbook vs Samsung Galaxy Tab hands-on

BlackBerry Playbook vs Samsung Galaxy Tab hands-on

There is still no news on the battery life or size for the PlayBook, expectation for a seven-hour life would align it with the competing models. The bottom line is that both these devices are flexible and open, well-appointed with hardware and software, great access to applications, and have many options for connectivity. The decision over which to obtain may come down to how big a fan the user is of BlackBerry or Samsung.

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