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Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes on a 0.50 Calibre Rifle

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TENNESSEE, USA – Ever since the device has been launched, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been the talk-of-the-town, and now the device finds itself under the eyes of a 0.5 calibre rifle. The Galaxy S5 faces a classic Barret M107A1 that goes ripping through the interior circuitry of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 electric blue

Samsung Galaxy S5

The video shows the premium Samsung flagship smartphone going through its durability tests, where initially the handset is tested by being freely thrown on a concrete surface and water-tortured, where the device seems to be unaffected owing to its toughened Gorilla Glass and IP67 certification. Then it takes up a sniper with a predictable outcome:

This shows that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been designed to overcome everyday elements of life, but one can’t expect it to show its defense against deadly forces. The Galaxy S5 breaks into small fragmented particles leaving it to a piece of absolute nil value.

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By , International Correspondent, Edinburgh office on Apr 23rd, 2014 GMT +2


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