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Samsung Continuum, LG Vortex Gear Up for Verizon

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Samsung Galaxy ContinuumBASKING RIDGE, USA – Both Samsung and LG have yet more handsets awaiting to come out from their line-ups, the Samsung Galaxy S Continuum, and LG Vortex.

The handsets will be launched on the 29th October, by Verizon Wireless, and run on the Google Android platform.

Talking about the Samsung Continuum first, this is a handset that brings a first for its market boasting of a dual screen arrangement, the main screen being a Super AMOLED display, and then there’s a screen just below it that will serve as a ticker, with direct social network access, music player controller, email, weather and it can be flicked left and right with just a touch.

The phone has a very glossy look, and a very clean structure with the hot keys around the handset. The Continuum also features an external microSD memory card slot, a neatly exposed microUSB port, and a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash.

The screen size of the phone is understood to measure 3.2″, not confirmed owing to an absence of official specifications. A 1GHz processor is expected to be under the hood and powering this handset.

Coming to the LG Vortex, a phone which will be featuring a 3.2″ touchscreen display as well, but with a 600MHz processor and running on Google Android 2.2. The feature that this handset gives a miss to is FM radio, surprising as most of the low-end sets even support this feature today.

LG Vortex Verizon

Samsung Continuum specs

LG Vortex specs

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