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Rumors on Upcoming BlackBerry Phones Widen

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RIM BlackBerry 9990 patentWATERLOO, Canada – Rumors of new devices or features in Blackberry smartphones are constantly developing lately. One of the most “hyped” news is of the device codenamed Onyx, of which there hasn’t been any official announcement as of yet.

Reports detail that the Onyx may have the model number 9700. A short list of specifications has also surfaced: quadband connectivity, a display with 480×360 pixels of resolution, a 3.2 megapixel camera, QWERTY keyboard, and Wi-Fi.

The features of the Onyx aren’t outstanding or exciting, but rather basic. The rumor still stands that the Onyx will also be using the optical trackpad (as opposed to the trackball) that was recently released with the Curve 8520. The leaked pictures of the Onyx don’t reveal anything new either; it looks fairly similar to the Bold, as far as size and shape are concerned.

While the Onyx seems like it will be on its way, there are many prototypes that probably cumulate for most device rumors, that never make the market or production line. Some, are pretty drastic to typical Blackberry fare, and look more like products from Samsung or Nokia, rather than RIM. The simplistic, yet sleek design of Blackberry handsets has come a long way, but is always a possibility that the smartphone-powerhouse is looking to expand its horizons and markets. RIM is one of the few mobile device developers with only one touchscreen-model on the market (the BlackBerry Storm).

A rumor of a BlackBerry 9990 device that could be an eventual upgrade of the Storm 2, or an entirely new model has surfaced recently. Details are unknown of this device, besides a leaked screenshot that was made available.

BlackBerry 9990 screenshot

Although BlackBerry has been slow in joining the growth of the market, it still has its own fanbase which looks forward to new releases; in these economical times, the question would be whether RIM is able to attract new users to its line, in order to grow in the market.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 6th, 2009 GMT +2


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