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Review: This Week’s Top S60 5th-Edition Software

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Home Screen of Blogger Widget Best Widget:  Blogger

There are very few widgets in the market today that do more than linking to the default browser and sourcing some information from the web. Rarer are the widgets that combine usability and functionality in one seamless package. Blogger is one of these rare breeds and the best part is, that it is free.

Developed by PhoneyTunes, Blogger is a widget that acts as a standalone client for blogging from Symbian 5th-edition devices. The widget supports basic blogger functions such as creating and publishing a new post, editing a post, and viewing blogger posts.

Although the widget performance is not as breezy as some of the other widgets in market today, Blogger excels at usability and with a well designed interface; blogging from mobile devices is a much easier task now.

While most commonly used blogger features such as uploading pictures/videos, editing in HTML mode, embeding links, and scheduling a post are not yet supported on the widget, the basic features offered are more than satisfactory for a free widget.

Blogger widget can be downloaded for free from the Ovi Store.

Sensible Sudoku-Home screen

Best Sudoku Client: Sensible Sudoku v2.02(9)

Sudoku is one of the better known logic based number puzzles that has been pretty regular in print media for around three decades now. Ludimate’s Sensible Sudoku is the perfect Sudoku client for Symbian devices, bringing all the functionalities of a paper-based sudoku, seamlessly on a touchscreen device.

Sensible Sudoku incorporates a finger touch-optimized user interface, ease-of-use and intuitive game play options for that unhindered Sudoku experience on mobile devices. With the option of online database for logging in best timings, gamers can challenge others and themselves to beat their best scores.

The gameplay options in Sensible Sudoku include: different difficulty levels (five levels ranging from very easy to extreme), pencil mode, hint (partial and full), customisable skins, allowing/not allowing wrong entries, exhaustive game statistics at the completion of each puzzle, and pleasant audio effects.

While the game screen is at its optimum in the portrait mode, landscape mode squishes the game screen reducing the legibility of the numbers as well as making it nearly impoossible for finger-touch gameplay. This is not a major problem per sé as portrait mode is the most common grip for handphones while gaming, especially for one-handed gameplay.

Sensible Sudoku is priced at US $ 14.99 and can be downloaded either from the Ovi Store, or from Ludimate’s official website.

Best Security Application: Wavesecure

Wavesecure is the industry’s leading theft prevention software from the benches of Tencube, providing security features for mobile devices that go beyond phone lock and mobile tracking.

The application lets users remotely erase data to prevent unauthorised data access from lost/misplaced phones; to lock the device on SIM change, along with tracking on new SIM and sounding of alarm; and periodic backup of personal data, including messages and contacts.

With an exhaustive featureset that includes almost every security feature that can be incorporated on a mobile device, Wavesecure is the perfect security client for Symbian devices.

Presently, Wavesecure is available as a free download for selected models of Nokia in India, and can be downloaded from their official website here.

For users outside India, the full version of Wavesecure is unfortunately not released yet, but Wavesecure Lite can be downloaded from the Ovi Store for US$ 9.99, and it provides all the features of Wavesecure, except for data backup.

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