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Review: This Week’s Top S60 5th-edition Applications

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Best Twitter Client: Gravity v 1.17

Gravity is one of the leading Twitter clients for the Symbian platform. Besides providing basic Twitter functions such as tweeting, replying, direct messaging, following, and unfollowing, Gravity also provides some value-added features.

One of the best features of the applications is its well-designed interface for easy navigation and kinetic scrolling, which makes browsing through tweets a cake walk. The client provides tabbed views for direct messages, replies, time series for tweets, followers, favorites and messages. There is also an option to create a customized filter for a new tab.

Some of the innovative features include Twitter search and uploading images directly from the handset to image hosts such as TwitPic, TwitGoo, MobyPicture, and Posterous. Uploading is fast and easy to use: after uploading, the application auto-tweets the uploaded item’s link along with a comment.

As with many Twitter clients, Gravity lets users follow the embedded links in the tweets directly from the application. The client directs the link to the default Symbian browser.

The client also supports multiple accounts for Twitter and Laconica, making it very easy for users with multiple Twitter accounts to update their profiles from a single application. In all, it’s a total Twitter application bringing a full Twitter featureset to Symbian devices.

Gravity is priced at US$9.99 and can be downloaded from

Puzzle screen

Puzzle screen

Best Puzzle Game: Fifteen by Offscr Technologies

Fifteen is one of the classic sliding puzzle games, and now it’s available on the Symbian 5th-edition platform, courtesy of Offscr Technologies. Popularly known as the n-puzzle, with different variations, fifteen is also sometimes referrred to as the sixteen puzzle.

The gameplay involves sliding number plates such as that the numerals are arranged in ascending order from left to right. The game screen consists of a 4×4 matrix with one empty space for sliding.

The game has been very well designed to incorporate touchscreen sliding, optimum for finger touch gaming and different colour schemes used for odd and even number, which provides an easy way to check the proceedings during a game.

The game lacks any customisation options, but the basic options provided cover all the essential game control options needed for gameplay. A timer at the bottom of the screen displays the time taken and another timer shows the best time, letting the gamers challenge themselves to beat their own records.

Priced at US$3, the game can be downloaded from the Ovi web store.



Best Theme: Three by Babi

Babi is a well-known theme composers on the Symbian platform. With his latest theme – Three – Babi has come up with a unique theme with dark hues and blended it perfectly with customised icons to go along with the it.

The theme can be used with all the home screen options, for every home screen theme has been considered during the design of theme. As it can be seen from the screenshot of shortcuts bar in the home screen theme, the icons get along perfectly with the colour scheme of the theme.

One of the best features of the theme is support for customized icons for third party applications. Some of the third party applications for which there are customised icons are Photo Browser, Google Translator, Google Maps, Nimbuzz, Dudu Voice Recorder, World Mate, YouTube client, etc.

Three is one of the best aesthetically-designed themes for symbian 5th-edition phones, and can be downloaded for free from the forum at

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