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Review: This Week’s Top S60 3rd-Edition Software

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YouTube Streaming on Skyfire

YouTube Streaming on Skyfire

Best Browser: Skyfire v1.0

Skyfire, which recently released its v1.0 browser for S60 v3.0 and Windows Mobile, is one of the latest browsers on the mobile platforms today and is the only one to support JavaScript, Flash, and even Silverlight plugins on a mobile platform.

With its innovative proxy technology, it’s not the mobile device that is doing the data compression, but the Skyfire servers which access the links requested, compress the data and then stream it to the Skyfire application on the mobile device. This translates into seamless browsing experience irrespective of the plugins and scripts embedded on the webpage.

While there is no considerable difference in browsing experience for webpages with more text, Skyfire just beats the competition by miles when it comes to browsing medi-rich webpages such as YouTube. Skyfire provides that computer-like browsing experience on mobile devices.

Skyfire has won several awards including the 2009 Webby award for People’s Voice Best Mobile Application, Laptop Magazine’s 2008 Mobile Maverick Awards, and is highly recommended by some of the most reputed online publications.

Skyfire can be downloaded for free from here.

Spb TV on n97 and n86

Best Multimedia Application: Spb TV

While Skyfire brings video streaming to mobile platforms, some of the services such as Hulu and CBS can be used for live streaming of TV content, but these services are restricted to US users only. Spb TV offers to fill in this gap by providing live TV content from around 100 channels to S60 v3 users.

The application also provides a full TV guide and users can even schedule alarms in the application to remind them of their favourite shows. With an interface, that is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality; therefore this is one of the best applications for S60 v3 in the market today.

Spb TV is priced at US $ 15.00 and can be bought from their official website.

Zen theme

Zen theme

Best Theme: Zen Touch by TehkSeven

TehkSeven recently launched their latest Zen theme called Zen Touch, which is one of the best aesthetically designed themes with dark hues for S60 devices.

The theme has been created entirely from the SVG vector files, making it one of the most visually appealing themes. There are three different icon sets to chose from -Seven, Ovi, and the default icon set.

Zen Touch is a complete theme with customized icons for over 100 third party applications, digital and analogue clocks, glass effects for various menus, along with a smooth gradient and icons for contact/calendar application for E-series devices and support for S60 v5 devices.

Zen Touch is a free theme and can be downloaded from the official blog of TehkSeven.

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