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Review: This Week’s Top iPhone OS Software

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Home screen of Wallet Pro Best Password Manager: Wallet Pro

With the advent of online shopping and with some of the stores offering dedicated iPhone applications for shopping from their portals, login accounts, credit card numbers and other crucial personal information are a common sight in many applications.

While it is not advisable to store this sensitive information on your iPhone, memorising them is no feasible option either. This is where a dedicated password manager which not only stores all the crucial information, but also encrypts it to prevent unauthorised access comes into picture.

Wallet Pro by Memengo is a password manager which uses 256 bit encryption, the highest level of encyption today, which cannot be cracked even by supercomputers. In addition, the application also provides online backup of encrypted data and synchronisation with online account, making it easier to migrate between different iPhones.

The application uses easy-to-use “wallets” that contain folders and cards that store sensitive information entered by the users. Wallet Pro provides three levels of security to each of the wallet’s contents, and there are several ready-made templates for wallets and cards that can be used for entering organized information stored in the application. Users can also store phone numbers and links in this application, which can later be accessed with a single tap.

Priced at US$4.99, Wallet Pro is the best password manager for iPhones, and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Sample question

Best Edutainment Application: Mental Maths

Mental Maths by Trilliarden is an ideal substitution for flash cards that make maths a fun-filled, interactive exercise for kids and adults alike.

The application presents a series of math facts along with a puzzle. For each right answer, a portion of the puzzle is filled in, while a wrong answer prompts these pieces go blank. The objective of the game is to answer all the math questions correctly so as to complete the puzzle.

The math problems in the application range from simple mathematical operations such as addition/subtraction, to percentage-highest common factors. The customisation options include setting of difficulty levels (foour different levels), setting time limit (from 3 seconds to infinite), and multiple user accounts.

The exhaustive statistics displayed at the conclusion of each puzzle and cumulative statistics for a particular user account make it that more exciting, letting users gauge their performance against each other.

Mental Maths is priced at a paltry US$1.99, making it one of the best edutainment applications, be it for kids or adults who just want to brush up on their math skills.

Home Screen of Whale Song

Best “Live” Application: Whale Song Project

Whale Song Project by Gladworks is an innovative application which streams live whale songs from an underwater microphone in Maui, Hawaii.

The prject is more of an educational one, which aims to highlight the life of creatures in sea, by streaming live voices of humpback whales, which at times sound like haunting melodies. The application streams live in months of November to May, with recorded sounds being beamed during the remainder of the year.

Apart from the application, interested users can check the official website of The WhaleSong Project, for some images and information regarding whale migration patterns, and there is a link to the captain’s log, for the latest updates of the project.

Since the live stream is from an underwater microphone, the stream is not studio quality and depends on several factors such as the proximity of the whales to the microphone, among other aspects. The volume of the microphone is adjusted to maintain an optimum stream volume but at certain times, the stream is slightly “bumpy”.

If you are interested in aquatic eco systems or just fascinated by the idea of listening to live whales, you can download this application from iTunes for US$2.99.

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