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Review: This Week’s Top BlackBerry OS Themes

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hybrid02The Hybrid Theme

The iPhone is the single best-selling smartphone on the market, and has a very unique and beloved user interface. There are several themes on the market that aim to give the BlackBerry that iPhone-feel, by updating the icons and set up.

Hybrid isn’t a particularly fancy theme, nor does it do anything new. It adds slightly more color then most BlackBerry themes, and looks very clean, probably its most redeeming quality. It puts beauty over function, as it lacks features such as a hide-away dock, or even page-like menu browsing such as on the iPhone.

The only real drawback to this theme is that it seems to slow down the processing power of the device. It has a rubic’s cube-like hourglass replacement, which the user may see a lot. The theme has some apparent freezing loading issues, where the menu isn’t always the most functional. This could be a random occurrence, but it is still worth mentioning.

The Hybrid theme can be found at CrackBerry forums.

Android theme for BlackBerryAndroid theme

The Android operating system has been a joy for many T-Mobile users. The OS is native tp HTC smartphones such as the Dream, Hero, and Magic. The Linux-based OS is developed specifically for mobile devices and has reputation for being one of the most functional systems on the market.

This Android-based theme developed specifically for Blackberry is one of the single best themes one can find for their smartphone. It makes great use of a hide-away menu, conveniently placed at the bottom of the screen. This mini-menu uses the first apps listed in the full menu in order.

The theme looks good, has almost a futuristic look to its menu style and icons, and works incredibly well. This is hands down one of the best themes any user looking for a new navigation experience for their BlackBerry.

The Android theme for BlackBerry can be downloaded for the Storm or Curve models at BlogBerry.

Blax theme for BlackBerryBlax theme

CrackBerry forum users have put out some interesting user-made material; themes are the typical content that is uploaded daily. While some of them are clunky and don’t even look decent, some stand out as something that Research in Motion probably should have considered while uploading their default themes into their devices. The Blax theme is one of these, which never need to be changed, and should be a new default.

The Blax theme is a Storm exclusive, and is probably the only theme a Storm user will ever need. It is similar to the Android theme, as it has a menu which can be hidden. One upgrade is the bottom menu bar, that can’t be changed.

It has the basic essentials such as messaging, contacts, calendar, and media all-in-one easy-to-access spot. The movable menu even has a background with a lowered opacity so as not to fully block the user’s wallpaper. It makes excellent use of all of the menus, has a textured looking background for the full menu screens, as well as the lock and call screens.

It is a great looking addition for any BlackBerry user to check out, and can be found at the CrackBerry forums.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Jul 27th, 2009 GMT +2