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Review: Sprint HTC Hero

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The HTC Hero comes preloaded with some interesting apps. In this area we found some good ones and bad ones, but in general, the apps pre-installed in the Hero and those which can be installed from the Android AppMarket perform above average.

The weather app in the Hero is one of the coolest ones, the app really has astonishing graphics for every kind of weather. However, I find that this app, and other HTC apps in general, are far too simple. The weather app does not offer many functions or options, the user can have the current weather (which is rather useless) and four more days in advance; the user cannot have specific hour weather forecast or more than four day forecast; if the user desires that information, the browser opens up and directs to AccuWeather.

htc hero back

Another example is the Twitter application, which does offer certain options, but does not have complete functionality. Users can tweet and read Tweetst but cannot press a button and retweet or reply to someone. However, users can upload images or post their location easily.

The unforgivable app is Facebook. It is half complete and lacks a lot of functionality. For example, only the timeline works as an app inside the Hero, if the users wishes to view pics, the app opens Mobile Facebook in the browser, and for other options the app does the same.

HTC is known for using a lot of eye-candy – a very good looking interface with amazing transitions and effects – but the actual benefits and amount of options in apps and menus are not enough, for example, the music player lacks an equalizer.

hero sprint

Another problem which is really deep and confuses the user is the mixed apps in the Hero. Android has basic apps, and HTC also added its basic ones. For example, in email, HTC has an email client, and Android comes with another email client.

I first began by using  HTC’s email client because it was prioritized over the Android email client, but when I signed up to use the AppMarket, Android also configured my email client and suddenly I had two different email clients delivering the same emails twice. This was the major problem, but other flaws related to HTC vs. Android could be seen through the device. For example, the calendar and many other widgets are repeated – Android version and HTC version.

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