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Review: Sprint HTC Hero

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The Sprint HTC Hero’s exterior was changed from the original Hero design, the curved lower part of the European Hero was flattened in the Sprint Hero.

The buttons were also re-arranged and the  speakers were placed around the camera. In synthesis, the designed was simplified, and in the smartphone world this is not a good thing.

The competitors from the Hero, such as the Nokia N97, the Palm Pre and the iPhone, all have spectacular designs that capture attention at first sight. The Sprint Hero just doesn’t, it looks as a refurbished device from older HTCs like the Touch 3G. The Sprint Hero doesn’t look special, just looks like another touchscreen phone wanting to steal attention from the iPhone. No striking colors, no striking form factor and absolutely no striking design. Sprint should have allowed  HTC to just change the bands to its original Hero and stay with the original design.

sprint htc hero

But other than aesthetics, the Hero performs well in ergonomics.

A friend of mine preferred the Hero instead of the bigger Nokia N97 solely because it felt better in the hand and occupied less space in his pocket. And it is true, the Hero is a slim device that feels well in hand and right in the pocket.

The semi-rubberized back cover also avoids the phone from slipping through the hand and hit the hard floor.

The Hero is well built, the materials don’t include metal or glass, but the plastic used to make the screen is hard enough for it not to scratch; the rest of the device feels solid and there aren’t any build quality issues. The capacitive technology used in the screen make the device extremely responsive to the slightest touch.

htc hero sprint

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