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Review: Best Blackberry OS Weather Application

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BlackBerry Storm Weather BugWith the update to Blackberry’s App World version 1.1, there have been several new features added. Included in these upgrades were more categories and subcategories. The weather category features a small amount of applications, and only a couple of free ones.

The main two are Weather Bug and Weather Eye. Both are similar applications that perform actions that appear as the current weather in the users’ BlackBerry menu. However, there is one that is more likely to impress most and bring better information, in both amounts and accuracy.

Weather Bug has a plethora of information that will exceed just about anybody’s expectations. It is almost too much information. The user can find just about anything here, including dew point, wind chill, and monthly rain. Weekly forecasts are easily accessible, as well all the current and daily information one would see in their local news’ weather forecast.¬†One of the finest features is a notification system, that will alert the user when there is an emergency alert out in the area.

The only real fault that Weather Bug has is its loading times. The Weather Eye app runs much quicker, but the sheer amount of information found in Weather Bug outshines this minor problem. There is one more benefit that trumps Weather Eye: WB can set a more exact location, and it even has a map feature. It can easily use the device’s built-in GPS to find its location, and find all weather information for that area. Weather Eye simply has a database of major cities, and runs from that. For those who live outside of a major city, WB is easily the clear winner here. It probably is for anyone within the city as well.

Weather Bug is available for free download (as well as an elite paid version) at the Blackberry App World.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 7th, 2009 GMT +2


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