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Review: Best BlackBerry OS Theme of the Week

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BlackBerry Electrifying themeThere are loads of themes created by Blackberry users themselves, some are for pure business and functionality purposes, while others are more stylized and focus on entertainment. The Infamous theme is the newest of these style-over-substance experiences.

This theme is an entirely new look completely different than any other seen on a Blackberry device. The Storm exclusive theme is inspired by the Playstation 3 video game of the same title, and borrows heavily from the style and artwork of the game.

Infamous is an action role-playing-game that focuses on a protagonist with newly-found electrically-charged super-powers. The gamer can either use these powers to save the city, or destroy it. Thus, there are two editions of the theme available: a blue “light” version, and a red “dark” version.

The theme itself is definitely a unique experience, which features a unique front menu, as well as an electrified selection and default font. The “lock” screens, which typically only change with a different background from theme to theme, are the most outstanding features. Both lock screens (landscape and portrait) feature different artwork from the game.

It also replaces the battery life indicator, with an electric bolt that is used as the health bar in the game itself. Here, it works just the same. The length of the energy bar indicates battery life, although it is slightly difficult to tell exactly how much life is left.

Overall, the theme is a very unique menu system, with terrific artwork and visuals. It isn’t all about productivity, but it is still a lot of fun. Even for those who have never played the game, or even heard of it, the theme is still a good choice for Storm users looking for a fulfilling layout.

The Electrifying infamous theme can be downloaded from PocketBerry.

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