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Review: Best Blackberry OS Theme of the Week

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BlackBerry themeThere are many types of themes available for Blackberry users. Some focus on pure entertainment, simple, yet with pleasing aesthetics, and others are all about functionality. The Blackberry Pro themes have always tried to mix good looking icons with a very satisfying user experience. Version 3 of the Blackberry Pro theme is no different, and will enhance any user’s Blackberry. There are many different colors available for all RIM smartphones, which adds a bit of variety and customization to the theme.

Built in, the theme has two rows on the main menu for icons, as well a tab at the top for a ninth folder or app. This is particularly useful for weather applications such as Weather Bug or Weather Eye. It has textured folders, icon blocks, as well as call and lock screens. It also has direct links on the front menu to manage connections, the clock, and messages through the basic corresponding information. The icons are rich and colorful, and look fantastic. Menu-bars have a great layered style, not usually seen within most themes.

The theme looks great in all colors, and is a terrific experience for all users. It looks great and professional, and still is fully functional unlike most themes based on television shows, movies, or games.

BlackBerry Pro themes can be downloaded from CrackBerry forums.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 9th, 2009 GMT +2


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