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Review: Best BlackBerry OS Strategy Game

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Bubble Defense BlackBerry gameThere seems to be some type of a fascination with bubbles that fills the heads of the developers over at Second Gear Games. The mobile game developer has come out with their third entry for Blackberry lovers worldwide. A follow-up to the very popular Bubble Army is now available (in both free demo and full paid versions) at the Blackberry App World.

Bubble defense is what it indeed sounds like. A tower defense game using bubbles of different colors and patterns as both weapons and targets. For anybody who doesn’t know what a tower defense game is, this a pretty easy one to pick up on. The genre originally evolved from a mod of the popular Blizzard PC title “Warcraft 3”. Players set up towers alongside a path, earning cash as their towers destroy enemies coming through one end and trying to get to the other two. The user has to strategically place their towers to be most effective, as well as pick which tower to use. The enemies come in waves, allowing for the player to set up more towers as the waves grow in size.

The game is easy to pick up, very fun, and fairly difficult, even on the easiest level. The learning curve isn’t steep, but the player isn’t likely to get through all the waves on any map or difficulty right off the bat. It’s a very fun game, and currently one of the top paid applications at the App World.

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