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Portal Game Coming to Android, Thanks to Unity 3D Engine

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Portal Android game Unity 3DGLOBAL – It has recently been reported that thanks to a number of highly skilled developers an unofficial clone of the hugely popular console game, Portal, may soon be hitting the Android Market, although so for the game is still in its proof of concept stage.

Rather than being a port from the original Portal game from VALVe, this Android version will be classed as a clone as the developers and the Unity 3D engine have worked together to build the game from the ground up.

So far the game is nowhere near being completed and the only version that is available is the version 0.004 beta, which has a lot of bugs, such as screen tearing and occasional performance issues. Even if users don’t mind putting up with the various flaws in the game there is still little point actually playing the game at the moment as it is still in the proof of concept phase so there is little to no real content in the game that can be played with properly.

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