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Piracy Could Be Good Business, Says Angry Birds Boss

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Mikael Hed Rovio MobileESPOO, Finland – Embracing piracy is a great way to bring in new fans and increase profits, according to Mikael Hed from Rovio Mobile, who recently spoke to an audience from the music industry about handling piracy.

During the Midem conference that was held in Cannes, Hed told the assembled music industry audience that when Rovio Mobile was deciding how to handle the increasing piracy of both its Angry Bird games and other related products, it learnt a lot from the mistakes made by the music industry.

He admitted that Rovio had encountered issues with the piracy of not just its apps, but of the consumer products it offered, especially in Asia where there are huge amounts of unlicensed products being sold.

In most cases he advised that unless the piracy was ripping fans off or harming the brand’s name, it was a futile effort taking it to court, which is how the music industry had dealt with the piracy of their music.

According to Hed, it was important to allow a certain level of piracy as overall it helps increase the fan base of products, which in turn allows the business to grow, whilst clamping down too much on pirates meant losing the fan base and this would damage the business in the long term.

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