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Panasonic wins Japan with 100m phones

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Panasonic statistics

Unlike other manufacturers, Panasonic opted to focus on Japan, and did quite a successful job. They shipped their 1 000 000th device, and the company to buy it was NTT DoCoMo.

NTT DoCoMo has received 30 million Symbian OS devices until November 2007, far behind Panasonic’s mark. However, smartphones will eventually overtake Panasonic and every other non-smartphone for that matter, a study while ago stated that this will happen around 2012. NTT DoCoMo had selected Symbian OS as one of its primary smartphone development platforms, according to Symbian.

Panasonic contributed to the development of mobile phone industry by delivering its first mobile phone “TZ-802B” in 1987, the world’s smallest and lightest “mova P” in 1991, and the digital mobile phone “mova P201 HYPER” in 1996. Weighing less than 100 g, the mova “P201 HYPER” became a big hit because of its compact, lightweight body and its user-friendly features.

Source: Cellular-News

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Published on Apr 11th, 2008 GMT +2


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