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Opera Mini and Fusion Voicemail for T-Mobile G1

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T-Mobile’s Google phone is all set to integrate Opera Mini and Fusion Voicemail in its system. Both add-ons can be used by G1 users at no cost and are now available at Android Market.

The Opera Mini 4.2 bundles a number of features that includes bookmarking, page zoom options, search features on text, and video streaming.

PhoneFusion, on the other hand, is a visual voicemail for G1 users. It helps organizing voicemail inbox and provides a visual list of messages in one location. Other service features of this application include Caller ID and phonebook.

At this time, only large companies such as Opera and PhoneFusion are providing their latest phone applications for free for G1 users. Otherwise, many mobile software developers are still awaiting for Google and T-Mobile to introduce a paid distribution for their software in the Android Market.

[via discusswireless]

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 20th, 2008 GMT +2


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