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Nokia Officially Announces the N900

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Nokia-N900-01ESPOO, Finland – Nokia has officially announced the N900 after long time speculations and rumours about this successor to the N810. The N900 will combine the features previously found on both Nokia’s internet tablet units and on its smartphone models.

The N900 will use the Linux-based Maemo 5 as its operating system. Besides being a more modern OS in general compared to Symbian S60 v5 that Nokia’s previous touchscreen models use, Maemo will also offer easier and richer multitasking possibilities. The device will also feature a Wide-VGA (800×480 pixels) touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera, WLAN, A-GPS, and 32GB of internal storage.

The device is being marketed as a part of Nokia’s mobile computing offer rather than as a smartphone or as an internet tablet. The specifications are, however, quite similar to those found on the N97 model. One extra hardware feature is graphics acceleration, but besides running Maemo instead of Symbian and having a larger screen, the one feature that sets it apart from the N97 is the amount of internal memory. The N900 will ship with 1GB of available application memory (256MB of RAM and 768MB of virtual memory). Time will tell if this will be enough for the N900 to deliver a PC-like experience, as Nokia promises.

The smartphone will be showcased at the upcoming Nokia World and is expected to hit stores in select markets during October. Recommended price will be EUR 500 excluding sales taxes and subsidies.

Nokia N900 promotional video:

Nokia N900 hands-on demonstration video:

Maemo 5 promotional video:

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