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Nokia Lumia 925 Review

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One of the features of the Amber update according to Nokia was improved camera algorithms. I recall the Lumia 800 and 900 having disappointing cameras. I unfortunately was never able to review the Lumia 920 but with the addition of OIS it brought significant improvement to low-light performance, too much improvement it appeared in some instances. The Lumia 925 brings an improved camera module with a six-element lens as well as OIS and the software improvements (available to the 920 too). One thing missing is Xenon flash, a feature that remains rare in mobile phones. While OIS allows the 1/3” sensor to capture more light, it won’t reduce motion blur.

Following the announcement of the Lumia 1020 and later the 1520, Nokia’s replacement camera application, simply Nokia Camera, is available for the camera-centric Lumia devices. It is a stunning example of what can be done on this platform and gives one so much control over image capture. In the hands of an experienced user, it can be powerful.

Nokia Camera

As is the case with most phones today, performance in good light was good. The resolution is more than enough and colours were accurate for the most part. There are signs of slightly overzealous post-processing however.

Daylight Nokia Lumia 925 capture

Close-ups turn out decently as well. This particular image an accurate depiction of the scene as I saw it:

Close Up Nokia Lumia 925 capture

However, occasionally scenes can come out a bit dull:

Dull Colours Close Up Nokia Lumia 925 capture

Low-light performance is indeed very good when looking at illumination. The Lumia 925 can pluck out details where shots from a device like the Galaxy S4 are shrouded in darkness. The small sensor however means that images get progressively noisier as light levels drops.

Low Light Dull Colours Nokia Lumia 925 capture

The noise levels and over processing were a bit disappointing. The processing in particular resulted in images with often smudged out details, a sort of paint brush effect. Another criticism that can levelled at the Lumia 925’s camera is the average dynamic range, with a tendency towards blown out highlights.

Cloudy day Low Light Nokia Lumia 925 capture

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By , Columnist, Johannesburg office

Published on Nov 7th, 2013 GMT +2


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