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Nokia Lumia 925 Review

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The first aspect of the Lumia 925 that stood out for me was its svelte form. The slight camera hump aside, this device is an exercise in subtlety, something that cannot be said of its heftier cousins. It also eschews the once-piece polycarbonate favoured on other high-end Lumia devices, instead it is a blend of the former material with the addition of aluminium. Polycarbonate is favoured on the back with the sides being made of aluminium that also doubles up as the antenna. The end result is a much lighter device that does not compromise on build quality. Make no mistake though; this is still not a small device, being not much smaller than a Samsung Galaxy S4.

While the full name of the display is a bit of a mouthful, the end result is still something very pleasing to the eye. It has a high pixel density, so detail is crisp on the screen and colours from AMOLED display are rich. Viewing angles are pleasing, and sensitive touch is no gimmick. During my time with the device, we experienced unseasonably cold weather here in Gauteng and I could still use the device easily with a reasonable layer of material over my fingers! The standout feature of the display is Nokia’s ClearBack technology that makes this device usable in even the harshest of light. Displays have generally come a long way but I found the Lumia 925 to still be noticeably superior to both the Galaxy S3 and S4 when faced with the harsh South African sun.

Below the display are the usual capacitive buttons, the back, start and search button, which is mapped to Bing. The back button also doubles up as the multitasking command, a long press bringing up recently used apps. On the right hand side of the device is the dedicated camera button, the power/unlock button and the volume rocker.

Lumia 925 Buttons

The bottom of the device and the left hand side are bare and the top has the 3.5 mm jack, the SIM card slot and curiously the microUSB slot has been shifted to the top as well.

Lumia 925 Bottom

The back of the device has from the top, the dual LED flash, camera module, pins for the attachment of a wireless charging cover, and the loud speaker. The removal of built-in wireless charging perhaps explains the dramatic reduction in weight over the Lumia 920. The loudspeaker is not the best you’ll find on a Nokia device but is an improvement over the 800 and 900. With headphones on, the volume was pleasing as was the clarity with little distortion.

All in all, this is an extremely pleasing package.

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By , Columnist, Johannesburg office

Published on Nov 7th, 2013 GMT +2


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