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Nokia Explains 3 New Upcoming Technologies

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Nokia explained three of the many technologies that we will see in the near future, the Indoor Positioning System, the Near Field Communication and the Connected Home were exposed in a meeting where the owners and responsible of this new technologies answered questions to the press.

The 8 new technologies are shown in the Legends Telegraph website, you can visit it and try to break the five puzzles by clicking here. The website shows 8 new ”Legends” that will soon be history, or will soon come true, that Nokia phones will have in a near future.  In this meeting Nokia only explained 3 of the 8 technologies, here is what they said.

First Nokia explained the NFC, Near Field Communications, this new technology enables your Nokia phone to be your wallet, you can pay by just touching your cellphone with the Visa or MasterCard scanner. NFC also enables file transfer by just touching two devices, and pairing and printing with a Bluetooth printer by just touching the printer with your phone. NFC is a very useful technology that will be available in most of Nokia’s future handsets.

Then Nokia talked about the indoor positioning system. This technology positions the user inside the building and it guides the user to a specified point in the building, for example a bathroom or an emergency exit, it also notifies the user when a friend is in the same building. This positioning system does not use the built-in GPS chips on the handset, it uses the Wi-Fi network in the building and the WLAN on the handset to get the position of the device within 3 meters. The interesting part about this technology is that the Wi-Fi network does not need special hardware or software provided by Nokia, which makes this new technology possible to distribute much sooner and with more availability. The maps of the buildings are created by the users with a super  easy to use web tool, the technology will be available as early as the first quarter of 2009. This technology is currently being used on Nokia headquarters to help the people duplicate the nearest printer or cafeteria available from where they are standing.

The last technology they exposed was the ”Connected Home”. Connected home is a project that plans to connect your entire home including all appliances, computers, stereo systems, TVs, and even your stove with your Nokia handset.

Let’s say that you went shopping and a friend shows to your home, he rings the door and your cellphone will notify you that someone is at your door, then you can see who is it and decide if you will open the door, all this from your phone. Or let’s say that you are on your way to work and you left the oven on, your phone notifies you and you can switch the oven off right from your phone.  Connected home also lets all the media capable devices in your home synchronize files, if you  downloaded new music to your computer it will synchronize via Wi-Fi automatically to your phone. Then you can play the music from your phone to your home stereo system.

All this new technologies are very interesting, and they will be all available in a near future.

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 9th, 2008 GMT +2


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