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Nokia Demoes Symbian^3 UI, Looks Impressive

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SAN FRANCISCO, USA – As promised during the briefing at the Mobile World Congress, in Symbian, the functional elements of Symbian^3 have been finalised, and Nokia Vice President, David Rivas, gave a short video demonstration of the user interface of the next version of Symbian platform.

The video demonstration highlighted some of the most sought-after features including the much coveted multi-touch support for zooming in-out on both capacitive and resistive screens. Other features include customizable  multiple homescreens, cover-flow like album management, multitasking and an overall improvement in the performance with Nokia claiming over 300% improvement in the graphics performance from the S60 fifth-edition platform.

It can be seen that the homescreen is a mishmash of the customizable homescreen found on S60 fifth-edition devices such as the Nokia N97 and N97 Mini and multiple homescreens found in Nokia N900. One of the most prominent features of Symbian^3 is the support for multi-tasking, a feature which has been a forte of Symbian devices for over the last five years but the low-end ARM 11 processors used in the earlier devices didn’t do much justice to multi-tasking in real-world usage. However, with faster mobile processors foraying into smartphones, Nokia may emerge as the winner in the multi-tasking battle-field with a Symbian^3 device.

While the video demonstration was presented from a laptop with animated UIs, Nokia may release a live video demonstration from a production unit in the next few months.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on Mar 13th, 2010 GMT +2


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