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Nokia Bets on Future of Super-Strong and Lightweight Graphene

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Graphene materialESPOO, Finland – Handset maker Nokia has joined a 1 billion euro initiative that looks to improve the use of graphene, the strongest, lightest and thinnest material currently known to mankind.

Nokia may end up using graphene to create indestructible phones in the future. The material is classed as a 2D structure measuring just one atom thick but has 300 times the breaking strength of steel and is one of the lightest and best intrinsic conductors.

Nokia EVP Henry Tirri said that the company has been working with graphene since 2006, but believes that the greatest innovations have yet to be discovered.

The Graphene Flagship consists of 74 electronics companies and academic institutions from the European Union. Academic partners include this year’s Nobel laureates Prof. Andre Geim and Prof. Konstantin Novoselov.

The first phase involves the planning and proposal for a large scale project that will see an investment of 100 million euros annually over 10 years.

Nokia says that the first commercial graphene-based products are expected to enter the market in 2013 or 2014.

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By , International Correspondent, Cebo (Philippines) office
Published on Feb 4th, 2013 GMT +2


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