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Nokia Archives Braille Reader from Beta Labs

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ESPOO, Finland – The much acclaimed Nokia Braille Reader, which was first released at the Nokia Beta Labs in September 2009, has now been archived by Nokia for future use. The haptic feedback based SMS reader was specifically targeted at the niche group of visually-impaired customers, a genre mostly neglected in the consumer handset segment.

While the Nokia Braille Reader was well received, the Finnish manufacturer reckons the application needs a dedicated suite for reading emails, and other messages and notifications, for independent usage by the visually-impaired users. However, due to reasons not known, the manufacturer has decided to shell the project, but Nokia has maintained that the customer feedback gathered during the testing period will be used in the future for developing alternate ways of input/output from Nokia devices.

Though the Finnish giant has pulled the plug on this project, it’s not discouraging third-party developers from using the source code underlying the application. The manufacturer maintains that developers and associations interested in Nokia Braille Reader can access the same from Beta Labs Archive on an “as-is” basis, which translates into absence of support from Nokia on the application.

The Nokia Braille Reader was another illustration of how technology has evolved over the last few years, extending the usage of devices, which were earlier not possible for a niche group of users, especially the physically disabled. Though Nokia has shelved the project, third-party developers can be expected to continue the work to bring a more widely usable application for the visually impaired users.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on Mar 18th, 2010 GMT +2


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