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Next-Gen Text Input Maker Receives Investment from Nokia, Samsung

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Swype diagramSEATTLE, USA – Claiming to be a faster method of entering text on touchscreen devices, Swype – developed by one of the co-inventor of T9 –  called the attention of giants Nokia and Samsung, making them the new investors on the project, along with Benaroya Capital.

The company has developed a technology already made available on the Samsung Omnia II handset involving the swipe of the fingers across a virtual keyboard (shown in the videos below), in contrast to the individual pressing of keys common on most touchscreen devices. The software complements this by predicting the indented word based on the finger’s motion and any pauses or changes in direction.

Swype is currently running on Windows Mobile on the Samsung Omnia II, although it has the possibility of running on Google Android as well. Nokia has wasted no time with the investment, considering that it is planning to include the technology on its future devices. However, the Seattle company’s aim goes even further, as it is looking forward to land on other types of devices such as GPS units, TVs, game consoles and tablet PCs.

Its goal isn’t too far away now that the investment of US$1.7 million initially, raised up to $5.6 million for the development of their promising technology will aid the company.

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 18th, 2009 GMT +2


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