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New-iPhone Features Begin Surfacing

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apple-iphone-3g-official-press-pictureCUPERTINO, USA – The new iPhone is nowhere to be seen, but features from the upcoming software version are now being uncovered, and an upgrade on the phone’s carrier of choice has also drawn direct conclusions.

Ars Technica reports that “Jibbler”, the codename for a new component on the iPhone OS 3.0, will be a component that will work as a real-time voice synthesizer, providing voice recognition technology to the iPhone. A common function found on mobile phones, but not available on the iPhone is voice dialling. Commands could also be interpreted, when users call out for a specific track’s name, for example.

The “Jibbler” may also be launched for the current iPhone 3G units, under the upcoming operating system upgrade.

According to TelephonyOnline, Apple’s carrier of choice, AT&T has recently announced upgrades to its 3G network, and will now support HSDPA connectivity of up to 7.2mbps. Although it sounds unlikely for an entire network to be upgraded just owing to a new phone, it has happened before: before the first iPhone launched, AT&T upgraded their EDGE network; before the iPhone 3G launched, AT&T upgraded its 3G network.

AT&T has also noted that it will roll-out an HSPA+ network by year-end, which will support download speeds up to 21mbps, but it will skip an intermediary upgrade to the HSPA network which would provide download speeds of up to 14.4mbps.

[via IntoMobile]

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Published on Apr 22nd, 2009 GMT +2


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