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Motorola Reports a Net Loss of $80 million in Q4 2011

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Motorola TitaniumSCHAUMBURG, USA – Following a recently announced estimate earlier in January advising of lower profits, equipment manufacturer Motorola has now released its financial report for Q4 2011, and it shows that the company has made a GAAP net loss of $80 million with a total net revenue of $3.4 billion.

The latest figures from Motorola when compared to the $80 million profit it made in Q4 the previous year show that the money it made has now been swallowed by this loss.

With the shipping of 10.5 million mobile handsets, of which smartphones accounted for 5.3 million, the estimates made by Motorola for the fourth quarter were fairly accurate. Whilst no actual sales figures have been made available so far it has worked hard to stake a claim in the tablet market with 200 000 shipped in Q4 2011 and a million during the whole year.

In further efforts to improve its market presence and sales, Motorola Mobility has also teamed up with Nextel Perú to release the Motorola Titanium, a new Android smartphone geared towards business users that comes with a 3.1” touchscreen, a QWERTY keyboard, push-to-talk facilities, as well as a range of unique functions unique to Nextel.

Motorola Titanium

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