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Motorola Fire, Fire XT Launched in India

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Motorola FIRE XTNEW DELHI, India – Motorola is trying hard to lure the Indian consumer with budget Android smartphones, and so lies another example with the launch of the Motorola Fire XT and the Motorola Fire.

The handsets are targeted at users who are looking for multitasking in a sophisticated form at a pocket-friendly price tag.

First, coming to the Motorola Fire XT, this handset is a social networking junkie’s best friend, blending in entertainment perfectly with features such as video calling, Swype, and housing a smooth 3.5-inch touchscreen. It sports the MOTO switch interface, which allows the user to switch between friend-centric mode and business mode, with dedicated homescreens and widgets for both the modes. The handset also comes packaged with a 5-megapixel camera with flash and auto-focus.

The Motorola Fire, on the other hand, is a QWERTY keyboard handset with a 2.8″-touchscreen, and the heavy email shooter would simply adore it. The handset is primarily being aimed users who are fixated to emailing, texting, social networking and the works. Like the Motorola Fire XT, even this smartphone sports the MOTO Switch Interface for the easy switching between friends and work.

Motorola FIRE

Both Motorola Fire XT and Motorola Fire support data network connectivity on 3G networks and hotspot functionality and Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, Android Market, E-compass, Google Maps, Google Talk, and Gmail.

The Motorola Fire XT is launched at a best-buy price of Rs 12,990 (MRP 13,890) and the Motorola Fire is being offered at Rs 9,490 (MRP 9,990).

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