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New Apple iWatch Concept is Minimalistic

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CUPERTINO, USA – Designers at have a created a concept design of the rumored Apple iWatch.

Apple iWatch concept

The team presented a design that sticks to the basic core concept of a watch with additional technology required to make it a smart device. This design has been put forth by the above mentioned German website and designer Eric Huisman, who show the iWatch to be having am aluminum body and a discrete black bracelet.

The design shows the watch body to be made from a single piece of aluminum, making it look sleek, solid and durable. The speaker and audio jack are placed on the side with three buttons on-board, which may account for the volume and mute buttons.

The back side consists of sensors for fitness and health-related apps, for the much-talked Apple HealthBook integration. The functions of the watch include Messages, Siri, a mini version of Safari and iPod music player. An app for weather and compass is predicted and moreover this iWatch would allow users to place calls.

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By , International Correspondent - Prague office on May 12th, 2014 GMT +2


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