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iPhone Thief Caught in 30min, BSR Defends Apple’s Labor Practices

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Find my iphone iCloud appNEW YORK, USA – Last week another iPhone-lifter was arrested by the police in Manhattan only within half hour of the crime, thanks to the iPhone app iCloud. While in another news, the CEO of BSR, Aron Cramer, has defended Apple’s labor practices in contrast to the New York Times post.

On Thursday evening, a robber deprived a clerk at Tuci Italia off her iPhone, as she was recessing near the entrance of the shop. Police officer Robert Garland and Sgt Richard Coan arrived on the scene and inquired about the incident. Officer Garland then tracked the victim’s iPhone by inputting her Apple ID in iCloud application on his own iPhone.

The robber, George Bradshaw, who lacked the knowledge about iPhone applications, was traced on Eighth Avenue, and eventually caught with the snatched iPhone in his sock. Bradshaw is now facing charges on the crime, including a theft of cellphone last month.

Coming to the Apple’s labor practices controversy, it is now apparent that Apple is not alone in the argument. Aron Cramer, CEO of BSR, who consults Apple on their corporate responsibility, spoke in favor of the Apple in an open letter to New York Times, saying that Apple is taking all the needed steps in its supply chain to meet all the standards and laws.

Cramer disproved the allegations made by an anonymous BSR consultant in NYT piece, and claimed that person is not associated with the organization. He further commented that NYT was supplied with clarifications before the publication, but the paper still reported several important inaccuracies and misleading information.

The issue has yet to receive a final word as we may witness more from New York Times in response to the claims of Aron Cramer.

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By , International Correspondent, Karachi office

Published on Jan 31st, 2012 GMT +2


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