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iPhone HD Release Date Rumoured on June 22nd

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CUPERTINO, USA – After a heavy round of speculation and rumours regarding the specifications of the next-generation iPhone, one of the most reliable sources, the Wall Street Journal has revealed that Apple will be releasing two iPhone models during its annual iPhone update round-up on June 22nd: a fourth-generation iPhone and CDMA version of iPhone bound for US carrier Verizon.

While the fourth generation of iPhone has been in the rumour mills for over three months now, the Verizon-bound CDMA version of iPhone has caught the blogosphere by surprise. A Verizon-heading iPhone has been speculated on several occasions earlier but a CDMA iPhone was never released by Apple since the first model was brought to market in 2007.

As seen with the earlier iPhone updates, the latest version is expected to be thinner and faster than its predecessors. Further, iPhone OS 4.0 is widely rumored to be getting multi-tasking support for third-party applications, a feature which has been on the wishlist of iPhone users since long. Further,¬†reports suggest that the fourth generation of iPhone will be equipped with a 960×640-pixels display and a front facing camera, further adding to the evidence backing the provision of video calls for iPhone. As per Engadget, the GSM version of iPhone, the fourth generation iPhone, will be called iPhone HD.

In the wake of the recent round of rumours surrounding the CDMA version of iPhone, neither Apple nor Verizon have confirmed the device so far. However, a move towards Verizon may be a logical step for data hungry iPhone users, considering the better bandwidth and network penetration Verizon offers  in comparison to AT&T. If the CDMA version of iPhone is released, the move will mark the end of exclusivity of iPhone with AT&T in the US. In fact, the US is one of the few countries where iPhone is network locked to a single carrier and the possibility of all the four major US carriers getting the iPhone in the near future cannot be ruled out.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on Apr 2nd, 2010 GMT +2


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