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iPhone 5 Available in Pakistan, Nano-SIM Cards Face a Shortage

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iPhone 5 Nano SIM card Mobilink GSM PakistanISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Limited quantity of iPhone 5 stock has reached Pakistan, although it will still take a week or two for the handset to be fully available in the open market.

At present, the device that is supposedly being shipped by individuals coming to Pakistan from USA, is being bought by the early adopters for about 90 000 PKR ($948) to 97 000 PKR ($1 021) from the open market.

These prices are likely to go down by almost 10 000 PKR ($100) once the regular shipments of the phone reach the country, which are scheduled to arrive within two weeks time period.

The Nano-SIM cards that are compatible with Apple’s latest phone have availability issues. Although Mobilink claims that the SIM card is available, currently the stock has not reached any of its service centers.

For now customers inquiring about Nano-SIM cards are pleased with cut-off version of Micro-SIM cards. Nevertheless, Nano-SIM cards are expected to be launched by all operators soon, although the pricing details are not known yet.

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By , International Correspondent, Karachi office

Published on Oct 1st, 2012 GMT +2


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