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iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case Review

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Otterbox iPhone 4 Reflex caseLISBON, Portugal – Otterbox has recently released theĀ iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case. We have previously reviewed the Commuter Series cases for the iPhone 4 and on this one we will be seeing a different version of cases made by Otterbox.


On the pros of this case, we may look at the intelligent way of installing. As this is a rubber case Otterbox was able to divide it in two pieces and thus users insert one from one side and the other piece from the other side. It fits very well and it is easy to install as the Commuter Series is soft but also very resistant despite being made only of rubber.

The problem is that it is difficult to install the case if the user wants to have a screen protector. On that situation one has two options on installing this iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case:

  • First install the screen protector and then the case;
  • Install the case and then the screen protector.

The second option won’t work because the screen protector is larger than the screen of the iPhone and the case stays above the screen protector on the corners. Thus, users may want to choose the first option, but by take care on not destroying the screen protector with the case.

The price of this new Reflex Series Case for iPhone 4 is US$44.95 and customers will receive it in two business days. Readers can buy the case from here.

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By , Financial Director and Correspondent on Jun 22nd, 2011 GMT +2


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