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iOS 6.1 Devices Found to Overload Corporate Servers

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iPhone iPod iOS Exchange appCUPERTINO, USA – A recent report suggests that the new iOS 6.1 upgrade for Apple devices has caused excessive logging on exchange servers.

Users who upgraded to the iOS 6.1 version witnessed excessive logging when they accessed their Exchange server for mail and calendar services.

Considering that this problem is witnessed only in devices upgraded to the iOS 6.1, it is evident that this issue might be a direct result of the upgrade. The cause of this problem is not yet disclosed. Moreover, Apple hasn’t officially acknowledged this problem yet, further delaying a possible a fix for this issue.

This has prompted corporate boards from advising against the iOS 6.1 upgrade. Furthermore, corporate servers have also banned users from accessing the upgrade. This is a temporary action initiated to prevent further damages and it will be revoked after the issue is sorted out.

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By , International Correspondent, Chennai office

Published on Feb 12th, 2013 GMT +2


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