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India Gives Away Free Tablet, Oregon Develops Meepi Kids’ Tablet

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GLOBAL – The introduction of a brand new tablet device that has been design specifically for kids has recently been announced by one of the leading designers and sellers of personal electronic equipment throughout the world, Oregon Scientific.

The new MEEP! tablet is a fully Wi-Fi enabled tablet device that has a 7 inch full colour touchscreen, comes with the Android OS preinstalled and provides users access to a wide variety of apps, films, eBooks and music. The announcement by Oregon Scientific at the 109th International Toy Fair, hosted by the Toy Industry Association (TYI), saw it showcase the new Meep! tablet for the first time.

The device has been designed for children aged 6 and upwards and comes with a tough, durable case that has been been made even tougher by a rubber silicon sleeve.

Whilst the new tablet is expected to be fairly cheap to buy there was no clear indication of its price, although it was reported that in India minister Kapil Sibal claims that the government would be looking at providing students throughout the country with a new tablet, the Aakash, for free.

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