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IDC: Windows Phone 7, Android to Become Market Leaders

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Nokia E7 hands-on reviewFRAMINGHAM, USA – A report released by International Data Corporation projected market growth for the smartphone market spanning until 2015.

The report shows that the overall shipment of smart phones will increase by 150 million units, up to 450 million for 2011. The report also showed market shares for each OS.

Things continue to look good for Android, as the Google written OS is slated to have a 39.5% market share while Apple’s market share drops to 15.7% by the end of 2011. RIM’s BlackBerry continues to lose market share in 2011 and is expected to drop to 14.9%. The news of this report though is they are expecting Windows Phone 7 to begin gaining substantially in market share, most likely due to the recent Nokia deal.

By the end of the report which spans through 2015, it’s expected that Android will have 45.4% market share. This is a huge amount of the market considering how many alternatives are available to consumers at this point. It’s also expected that Windows Phone 7 will begin to make an impact a pull in to second place with 20.9% market share followed by Apple and BlackBerry.

If this is the case, Windows Phone 7 will have rapid growth comparable to Android’s. While Apple will probably never lose most of its loyal customers, RIM may need to look for other options to stay in the market much like Nokia did. Whether a new OS is in order or building a current OS in to a new generation of their devices, BlackBerry is dying slowly and may be the next Symbian if RIM doesn’t act fast.

Windows Phone 7 and Nokia seem to have a bright future together and should be able to produce some monster phones to compete with Android, which is great for fans of both OS’.

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