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iOS 7.1 Update Brings User Interface Tweaks

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CUPERTINO, USA – The iOS 7.1 software update released last week, and many of the tweaks focus on user interface.

The Phone app is the most-attention-paid app in the update. The buttons took a transition from rectangular to circular with few of them being given new icons in the new look.

Moving manually to the dial pad for making a call, the “place call” buttons easily swivels into the “end call” button. The call waiting controls gets a new place at the bottom of the display.

Apple seems to have given a significant consideration to the motion settings. Navigating through the apps and folders is now much quicker and faster. The speed for the in-app transitions have also geared up considerably.

The Control Center and Notification Center have some significant “bounces” on being opened. Moreover, Apple seems to have extended its accessibility options: the “Reduce Motion” feature is now much more prominently experienced and the new “Button Shapes” option creates some shaded outlines over the tapped areas.

A new dedicated list view button now comes with the “Calendar” app, which when tapped takes users straight away to their appointment list for a particular date on the calendar. The “slide to unlock” has gone visually more prominent, where for pass code has been tweaked slightly. On carefully observing the system keyboard, users will find redesigned shift and caps lock keys.

For already identified fingers, the Touch ID sensor will continuously highlight the finger’s entry rather than just flashing it as it used to do previously. The “Camera” app introduced a new “Auto HDR” feature, so as and when required the camera app will automatically shoot in HDR.

Users may update their iPhone and iPad units with iOS 7.1, but at this stage there is no jailbreak available.

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By , International Correspondent, Quebec office on Mar 17th, 2014 GMT +2


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